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HTML Title Tag Analyzer, Analyze Title Of HTML Pages for SEO and technical problems.

SEO Tips for HTML Title Tag

Title Tag Analyzer Messages

Every HTML page must contains one Title tag in the Head part to describe content of the page.

Analyzer Raise ErrorDo not contains any Title Tag.

Analyzer Raise ErrorContains more than one Title Tag.

Analyzer Raise ErrorTitle Tag exists but do not have inner text.

The length of HTML Title Tag must not be too long. Because long Titles will not show in browsers title bars and also will not read with search engines.

The maximum title length for Internet Explorer Title is 95 characters while Firefox show Title while there is free space in Titlebar.

Google just read 66 characters from Title.

Analyzer Raise ErrorTitle length be more than 95 characters.

Title length be more than 66 characters.

When you create a page with web designer applications. The application choose a default title for your page such as "New Page", "Untitled", "Noname" and etc.
This is very common for designer to forget change this default title to a meaning full title.
Or some times designer choose bad titles for pages such as "Products", "About", "Contact". These are better titles instead of them "[Company name] Products", "About [Company Name]" and "Contact to [Company Name]".

Analyzer Raise Error Title is one of bad titles defined in analyzer.

It is good for search engines that every Titles begin with capital letter.

Title do not start with capital letter.

Not enough title starts with capital letters also it must have capital letter in the begining of each word. Except words like: and, or, for, then.

First analyzer make capitalized title. Then compare made title with page title, If there were any diffrence:

Title is not capitalized good.

Title is one of the most important part of page. Choosing words for title is very important. The words must have good density in page. And it's better to use at least 3 words for title. It's better the words of title be keyword of the page and each page of your site have diffrent title.

Title contains less than 3 words.

Could not find more than 80% of Titles words in body.

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