Analyzer List

This is list of available analyzers that can be installed on Iron Web Analyzer to analyze web site content. All analyzers can be enable or disable. To see list of important SEO Tips and messages each analyzer can produce, Click on analyzer name.
You can develop your own analyzer and share with other.

Analyzer NameSummaryAvailable With Setup
Author Tag AnalyzerCheck HTML Pages contain exactly one Meta tag with name of "Author"v1.0
Browser ConflictCheck compatibility of Tags for diffrent browsersv1.0
Description Meta Tag AnalyzerAnalyze Description meta tag of HTML pages to have normal length, contains enough keywordv1.0
DNS performance analyzingWarn if page contains resources from another domain.v1.0
Embeded FlashProduce Warning if page contain Flash movie.v1.0
h1 HeaderWarn if page do not contain any h1 tag.v1.0
h2 h3 HeaderWarn if page do not contain any h2 or h3 tag.v1.0
Html Title Tag AnalyzerAnalyze Title Tag of HTML pages for SEO optimization.v1.0
Image Alt Attibute AnalyzerWarn if found img tag without alt attribute.v1.0
HTML Image CounterCount the number of diffrent image used in page warn if they were more than 20v1.0
Image Source AnalyzerValidate 'src' attribute of 'img' tagsv1.0
Keywords Meta Tag AnalyzerWarn if page do not contain Keywords tag and analyze it if exist.v1.0
Robots Meta Tag AnalyzerWarn if page do not contain Robots Meta Tag and analyze if exist.v1.0
Robots.txt AnalyzerAnalyze content of Robots.txt Filev1.0
XML Sitemap AnalyzerAnalyze content of Xml Sitemapsv1.0
Sitemap URL FinderFind URLs in Xml Sitemaps add them to download queue.v1.0
URL FinderFind URLs in page add them to download queue.v1.0

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