Develop Analyzer - What are Analyzers ?

Analyzers are Iron Python application that run by Iron Web Analyzer. Iron Python is very simple and powerfull programming language. Iron Python is Microsoft version of Python programming language. The main diffrence between Python and Iron Python is that Iron Python implemented with .NET and is very easy to use for .NET programmers. It's simple to use Iron Python inside .NET applications. With just few lines of code and a library provided by Iron Python team you can run Iron Python applications in .NET applications.

And also the library lets .NET programmer to define their own variables or read the values of variables changed or defined in python application. For more information about Iron Python visit .


There is a directory inside installed path of Iron Web Analyzer named "Analyzers". This is the place of Iron Python applications that we call them Analyzer. When Iron Web Analyzer runs, check this directory and list the installed analyzers. Additional information like Analyzer Name, Author and etc is inside python file in comments format. You can open each of analyzer with simple text editor such as notepad to see the comment formats and analyzer code.

Analyzer Editor

To develop a new analyzer or edit preinstalled analyzer you can use any simple text editor application but Iron Web Analyzer provides an application named Analyzer Editor. This application lets programmers to develop their own analyzers, Test them with some URLs and also automatically add some comments for Analyzer Name, Author and etc and even install analyzer to Iron Web Analyzer.

Analyzer Editor installs beside the main application. And can be runed from start menu or from Program Files directory of windows where application installed.

It is also possible to open installed analyzer from Analyzer directory inside installed path of application.

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Analyzers are Iron Python application plus content variable. "content" is the name of variable used to communicate between Iron Web Analyzer and Iron Python applications.

You can check the list of Methods and properties of content and also see some samples.

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