Develop Analyzer - content Variable

When application want to run an analyzer first define a variable named "content". So while programming imagine a variable with name of "content" defined.
This variable have the following methods and properties.

Methods and properties

TypeNameData TypeDescription
Content Class PropertiesAsHtmlHtmlDocumentGet downloaded content as parsed HTML document.
Content Class PropertiesAsStreamMemoryStreamGet the downloaded content of URL as MemoryStream.
Content Class PropertiesAsStringstringGets the downloaded content of URL as string. If could not convert to string returns null.
Content Class PropertiesAsXMLXmlDocumentGet the downloaded content of URL as parsed XMLDocument. Returns null if could not parse.
Content Class PropertiesCharsetstringGets HTTP charset information of downloaded content.
Content Class PropertiesDatabyte[]Byte array contains all responed data from server
Content Class PropertiesLengthlongContains number of recieved bytes from HTTP Response of server.
Content Class PropertiesResponseUrlstringResponse URL from web server. (Sometimes requested URL from server is diffrent from returned URL)
Content Class PropertiesStatusCodeintHTTP Status code of server response.
Content Class PropertiesUrlstringRequested URL from server.
AddMessagevoidAdd new message to current analyzing content.
AddUrlvoidAdd new sub URL to current analyzing content. (Sub URLs are URLs used in pages. Links are Images from Sub URLs)
SeekZerovoidSeek Zero point of AsStream property.

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